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We noticed we had bed bugs around a month ago which led to us steam cleaning the bedroom and buying a new bed. But then we noticed again that the bugs are still around as my partner started finding bites on her. I spotted a few bugs that I got rid of but keep finding the odd one or two. The wooden beams in the new bed started showing bed bugs faeces with a few shed skins so we were looking to get rid of the problem before if escalated again. Thankfully Bed Bug Buggers were available to come on the next day we called and treated the whole bedroom. We are now waiting for the positive results.

Nicholas Roberts / May 27, 2014


I became aware of bites on myself and noticed tiny dark spots on my sheets, also I saw one bug that looked similar to google searches of a bed bug. Then I found this company online and decided to ask them for assistance. The team treated the entire house upon my request. Thank you for the professional and quick reaction!

Abby Bruce / Apr 16, 2014


I was very excited to move to my new apartment, but after spending my first night there I woke up covered in little red bites. I searched in Internet for more information about the bites, unhappy to find that I suffered bed bugs infestation. I called the guys from Bed Bug Buggers who came the same day and removed the bed bugs completely. Thank you!

Kim Terry / Mar 2, 2014

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