Learn About Bed Bugs And Protect Yourself From Infestation In London

If you hear about bed bugs in London you will find it easier to keep your premises bed bug free. These tiny creatures can easily be transported from place to place and once they have arrived their numbers increase rapidly. It is well known that you may find up to 5000 bed bugs in a single mattress.

Bed bugs are a particular issue for commercial customers. Hostels, bed and breakfasts and hotels are especially vulnerable as guests can easily bring bugs in on their clothing or even suitcases. Bed bugs can live in any soft furnishings, behind skirting boards or loose wallpaper. Any commercial premises should ensure that staff are aware of bed bugs symptoms so that problems can be dealt with at an early stage.

Recognising the Symptoms Of Bed Bugs

Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed so they are easily visible to the naked eye. However these creatures tend to come out when humans are sleeping. People often ask 'How do bed bugs look like?'. You are more likely to spot indirect signs of their presence.

Bed bug - close upThese include:

  • Tiny dark spots on sheets, mattresses or other bedding
  • Spots of dried blood on the beding
  • Reports or personal experience of bites. Sometimes itchy, red and darker in the centre, found in places that are not covered by sleepwear
  • A distinctive musty odour which could be mistaken for damp towels but which persists when there is no damp laundry around

Reasons To Use Us To Kill Bed Bugs In London

Trying to kill bed bugs using home treatments is often unsuccessful. They tend to bury themselves deeply into mattresses and other furnishings. They are resistant to many pesticides and are often found in locations where it is unsafe to use chemicals. If you suspect bed bugs you should call our professional pest control service on 020 3404 4103. Look at our reviews page to see how others have benefited from our high quality service and low prices. We employ only experienced and qualified staff who will be able to select the most suitable bed bug treatment for the individual case.

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